Mediation Assured

Mediation Assured serves to resolve conflicts in areas of Civil, Commercial, Medical and Community disputes.

Mediation Assured saves your money, time,  and your health.

“The cherry on the top”, you and the other party have total control over the options on the final agreement.

Moreover, Mediation Assured focuses on:

THE STATEMENT – to create a peaceful communication platform for those who have lost their serenity due to dispute.

And always follows:

THE MISSION – goes an extra mile with each case. If there is a willingness, there is a way to end a conflict and to restore long lost relationships.


What is Mediation?

Mediation helps to find resolution for a conflict or a dispute. Both sides of a conflict need to talk about it in peace. The mediation meeting gives them chance to present their options. Let’s see what the both sides need to start with.

First, the mediation must be based on three elements:

  • voluntary participation,
  • confidentiality though the whole process,
  • authorisation to make decisions and sign the mediation agreement.

Second, both sides of a dispute need to clearly state positions and options they want to talk about. Also, both parties will keep open minds to any other options. The end of a dispute is closer with any useful choices. At all the time, the choice is yours!

Third, once both sides of a dispute will reach and an agreement it will be write down and signed. The mediation agreement is legally bounded document!

What is more, the Mediation Assured services will help both parties with:

  • Professional standards of services that build client’s confidence,
  • Flexibility of arrangements,
  • Face to face meetings,
  • Online meetings on secured platforms.

In addition, Mediation Assured provides the unique service of an authorised representative.