Mediation Assured mediator adheres to the EU Code of Conduct for Mediators.

The mediator – Ewa Babicka, is qualified and accredited practitioner by the Civil Mediation Council. The mediator gained her experienced through practical trainings of conflicts resolutions. Furthermore, the mediator has extensive experience in balanced mediation and the Restorative Justice.

The mediator will equally assist each party of the dispute through the whole mediation process. The ultimate goal is to find the most acceptable and legally bounded solutions, suitable for both parties.

Obviously, clients rely on mediators’ skills, experience, and professional standards. The mediator previous professions as Restorative Justice practitioner, Polish Interpreter played central role to the mediation’s skills.

Those roles enhanced personal qualities of the mediator, to an impartial, non-judgemental, good listener. The mediator always works with a passion for successful ends of disputes. The mediator also encourages others to use their creative decision-making abilities to find the right solution to cease a conflict.

Above all those experiences, skills and qualities, the mediator cannot make any choice or decision for the either party of a conflict. The mediator is like a messenger. Only passes information from one to another party. However, before passing the information, the mediator must gain permission to disclose it. Because, the mediator works under strict, double confidentiality consent.